How to start a business in Odense, Denmark

In this episode, Lene Høxbro Larsen (Odense Iværksætterservice, Stjerneskibet), Cristiana Cardoso (Silo Marked) and Henriette Johnsen (The Good Expat Life) are sharing advice and experiences regarding how to start up a business in Denmark.

The first part of this podcast is an interview with Lene Høxbro Larsen. Lene is a consultant for entrepreneurs, and she talks about how Odense Iværksætterservice and Stjerneskibet support entrepreneurs and the early start ups in Odense.

The second part of the podcast is an interview with Christiana Cardoso. Cristiana is the owner of Silo Marked; a new packaging free shop in Nørregade 30, in the center of Odense. Cristiana shares her experiences with starting up her new shop as an expat in Odense, and she gives advice to others who are considering starting up their own businesses in Denmark.

In the third part of the podcast, Henriette Johnsen talks about how Stjerneskibet supported her while she wanted to expand her clinic – the Good Expat Life – with personal empowerment groups for expat spouses. Henriette is a psychotherapist, specializing in expat life issues.