Interview with spouse consultant Aleksandra Jensen about the Danish job market, Danish CVs, social networks and accommodation in Odense, Denmark

If you are an accompanying spouse in Odense and would like to find a job, Aleksandra Jensen, from the International Community Odense, can help with the job search. Aleksandra is a spouse consultant and she helps international families to settle in Odense.

The International Community Odense was established in 2015 by Odense municipality. The community welcomes and supports international employees and their accompanying partners/families in the city.

In this podcast episode, Aleksandra Jensen talks about the Danish job market and what to keep in mind when applying for jobs in Denmark. She shares tips for how to write a CV aimed at Danish employers, and she talks about how she supports international spouses getting into work related and social networks.

Aleksandra also shares how the International Community Odense helps international families with finding accomodation and many other practical issues that may come up during the family’s process of moving to Odense.

“What we do in particular is to help the family settle in the new country, in the new city”.

Aleksandra Jensen, International Community Odense

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