Psychotherapist Henriette Johnsen’s own expat story

Henriette Johnsen

In 2015, Henriette Johnsen moved back home to Denmark after living several years as an expat in London. Her life as an accompanying spouse abroad was not always easy and her life abroad got even more challenging when she got divorced.

In this podcast episode, psychotherapist Henriette Johnsen shares her own experiences with living abroad, and she talks about her life as an accompanying spouse; her life as a hardworking single mom, facing financial uncertainty, anxiety and insecurity; and her time as a student of psychotherapy. Henriette also shares her experiences with moving back home to Odense, Denmark, after living eight years abroad.

For more information about Henriette’s psychotherapy practice in Odense, Denmark, please visit her website The Good Expat Life.

Henriette also talks about her practice in the first episode of this podcast series: The Good Expat Life with psychotherapist Henriette Johnsen