After living in six countries during my student years and adult life, I have tried to find my way in a new, unfamiliar place, several times. Once landed in a new country, comes all the practical issues that need to get into place, before life runs as usual. Sometimes, things in my host country have been done in a completely different way than I was used to, and it could take me some time and adjustment to get the hang of the new way of doing things. I have learned that there are many ways of doing things right, I just need to figure out how things are done in my current setting. Sometimes, people have laughed, or maybe they got annoyed, and I had a hard time figuring out why. Was it something I did? Or said? When people’s reactions are not what I would expect, I find it really interesting, because it usually means that I have stumbled onto a difference between my own culture and the host culture. And there is much learning in analysing the situation.

I have created this podcast series to support internationals in Odense adjusting to their new lives in Denmark. The series shares experiences from internationals in the city, and interviews with local citizens who in any way are involved with supporting internationals here in Odense.

If you have specific questions or topics that could be discussed on the podcast, or if you would like to share your own expat experiences in an episode, or if you have comments, please write to me, I am the podcast’s host and producer, my name is Kjersti Øverland, and you can reach me at kverla@expatlifeodense.dk.