Interview with Abril Arteaga Part 2: Earth Klinik

In this episode, Abril Arteaga shares how she has adapted her business, Earth Yoga, to the new reality of the corona virus. Abril has transformed Earth Yoga, from a physical space in the center of Odense, to a virtual clinic with a more holistic concept, offering consultancy solutions and experiences in the field of mental health.

This episode is the second of two interviews with Abril Arteaga. In the previous episode, Abril talked about how she got the idea to start up Earth Yoga in Odense, and about her experiences from the early start up period.

Abril Arteaga is currently organizing the World Mental Health Week for a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in Copenhagen, collaborating as a well-being champion; supporting employees and individuals to reach their highest potential. Abril also teaches mindfulness and yoga for international staff at the University of Southern Denmark.

If you would like to get in touch with Abril, you can write to her at

You can find more information on Abril’s webpage and Facebook page.

Interview with Abril Arteaga Part 1: Earth Yoga

In this episode, you can hear about Abril Arteaga, who decided to open a well-being space in Odense six years ago, when she moved to Denmark with her family.

Abril Arteaga has a background in business, and she is among others specialized in ashtanga yoga, mindfulness, meditation, stress management and acupuncture. When Abril arrived in Odense six years ago, she was looking for a place where she could practice yoga, but she did not find what she was looking for, so she decided to create her own place. This was the beginning of her business, Earth Yoga.

The story about Abril’s well-being space in Odense is presented in two episodes. In the current episode (part 1: Earth Yoga), Abril talks about the process of starting up Earth Yoga, and her experiences from the early start up period.

In the next episode (part 2: Earth Klinik) Abril will talk about how she recently has adapted her business to the new reality of corona, and transformed Earth Yoga into Earth Klinik – a virtual clinic of well-being with a holistic approach to mental health.

If you would like to get in touch with Abril, you can write to her at You can also visit Abril’s webpage and Facebook page.

The Good Expat Life with psychotherapist Henriette Johnsen

After living several years in London, Henriette Johnsen moved back to Odense in 2015. She has established the clinic “The Good Expat Life” here in Odense, where she specializes in expat life issues.

In the first part of this podcast, Henriette Johnsen talks about her work as a psychotherapist and how she supports the expat community in Odense and the surrounding areas through her practice. She also talks about expat life in Denmark in general, from the perspective of psychotherapy.

While we were producing this podcast, the corona crisis broke out, and Denmark started to close down to beat the virus. We decided to meet online and record an additional interview about how to cope with the social isolation during COVID-19.

In the second part of the podcast, which starts at 30:15, Henriette talks about consequences of social isolation and she explains how the body reacts to fear and anxiety. She also explains how to deal with anxiety, and she shares general coping strategies for how to get through the social isolation period of COVID-19.

For more information about Henriette Johnsen, her practice, and how to cope with social isolation during COVID-19 from an expat perspective, please see Henriette Johnsen’s website The Good Expat Life.

Podcast trailer

In the beginning of April 2020, the first episode of the podcast series “Expat Life in Odense, Denmark” will be released.

This podcast series is about every day life issues for expats living in Odense, Denmark. The series is created to help making the move to Odense smoother, by sharing stories, tips and tricks from expats in the city. Local citizens in Odense, who are in any way involved with supporting expats, will also be visiting the podcast.

The episodes will be posted on a monthly basis.